Mike Papciak, center, teaching a self-myofascial release workshop at Title Nine in Emeryville, California, May 2016.
Thirty sets of happy hamstrings at Title Nine, Emeryville CA. Photo: Title Nine

Customized lacrosse balls, used for self-treatment to relieve muscle tension.
I call it muscle hygiene. Like brushing and flossing your teeth, loosening up on your own for a few minutes each day is a simple practice with profound health benefits. Our mobility tool of choice is the simple, portable, durable lacrosse ball. I offer these, and instruction, to individuals in my private practice, and to groups like NASA and Benefit Cosmetics.

Self-Care Workshops

I teach self-care workshops to companies and other groups. Clients include:

  • NASA Ames Research Center, Mountain View CA
  • Title Nine, Emeryville CA
  • Benefit Cosmetics, San Francisco CA
  • Black Diamond Equipment, Salt Lake City UT
  • Planet Granite and Touchstone Climbing, locations throughout CA

The two most commonly requested topics are how to unravel the effects of sitting and using computers in the workplace, and optimization for athletes and performing artists.

Duration is usually one hour. Group size is usually between ten and fifty. The tone is practical, casual, and fun. The workshops are hands-on: together, step by step, we visit and release the body's most notorious holding points for tension and stress. Participants are empowered and happy to discover that they can feel better, on their own, using a lacrosse ball as a simple, portable self-treatment tool.

Duration, topic, and group size can be customized. I can engage any audience.

"Mike's self-treatment workshop was a great success with the NASA Ames Procurement Division! Mike was sensitive to our diverse workforce, cheerful in his approach, and successful in teaching us simple yet effective ways to loosen up our bodies and counter the stresses of working at the computer. Some participants even mentioned out loud during the workshop that they felt immediate tension release in areas that had been bothering them for awhile! Feedback from the Division has been outstanding and I absolutely recommend Mike's workshop to all groups."
—Justin C. Pane, Deputy Procurement Officer, NASA Ames Research Center, Mountain View CA

"Mike gave an outstanding workshop at Title Nine. We're an active group of athletes who suffer from the same aches and pains as everyone else, and Mike's simple and effective tips went a long way with our team. Mike has a natural ease and confidence as a speaker, combined with a great sense of humor. We can be a rowdy group, and Mike was a pleasure to work with. I enthusiastically encourage you to have Mike be part of your corporate wellness program."
—Ann Graber, Photo Art Director, Title Nine, Emeryville CA

"Mike is a clear and incisive speaker who set our team at ease with his open demeanor and practical information. Mike has designed a workshop that is interactive and full of simple and effective tips to help people release tension and stress after long days at the desk or sitting in meetings. Each team member finished the workshop with a therapy ball, a great handout to help them remember the information, and a smile on their face. Several attendees have since said that they really appreciated the workshop and are using their therapy balls regularly. I wholeheartedly recommend working with Mike on a program for your team."
—Valerie Hoecke, Senior Vice President Digital, Benefit Cosmetics, San Francisco CA



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